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Marsol can design and customise a complete solar power generator to suit your individual needs.

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Solar Power Your Next
Adventure with Marsol!

Whether you are looking for an alternative power for your shed, live off grid or use solar power to enhance your camping, caravan, RV or boating adventure, or simply want to save $$ on your residential power bill Marsol Industries can provide the solution.

We provide solar panels and solar panel kits for all of your fixed or portable needs. In fact as long as you want to use free electricity you can get rid of the noisy generator and take portable power anywhere the sun shines.

Enjoy renewable energy without noisy generators and the freedom of touring further than ever before! Even your workshed, man-cave or holiday cabin can be a completely self sufficient sanctuary; no matter how remote with an affordable stand alone solar power system.

Marsol Has the Energy You Need

We recognise that everyone has different energy and power needs; and can supply you with economical solar options for 12V, 24V 48V and Grid Connect Power Systems. Even better; we sell at wholesale prices to public so the solution you need could be more affordable than you think!

Maybe you just need a 12V solar panel to use it with your existing setup, or for the newcomer or passionate environmentalist check out our solar panel kits which you can mount on the roof of your home, shed, caravan, campervan, motorhome, RV, 4WD, boat, yacht ... we even have customers who mount their panels on the roof racks on their ute to keep their esky cold on the worksite!

Popular Solar Power Solutions

Solar Vehicle Kits
Our complete Solar Vehicle Kits are designed to suit Caravan Motorhome RV 4x4 includes all panels, mounting brackets, regulator, cables, connectors.

Freestanding outdoor solar generators
Our Pole Buddy is great for remote or difficult to power locations such as water pumps, gate openers, security, outdoor lighting vehicle and battery maintenance, and more.

Fully autonomous solar power systems
Solar Panel Kits for your shed, workshop, outback station, mining setup. We can also custom design these for your specific off grid application!

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Solar Panel Kits Caravan Motorhome 4x4 Boat Camping  Solar Panel Roof Mount Brackets for Tin Tile and Vehicle Caravan Motorhome Boat Roof

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